About Us

Meet Paul and Sisse Newton,
We are a family of business professionals.

Paul and Sisse have been running small businesses for the last 30 years.  Paul spend several years traveling the globe in his early 20’s and his time in Australia had left a strong desire to come back one day.   Jump ahead 15 years and now married to Sisse, his Danish wife with two young Children, Jessica and Harry living happily in the Dorset countryside in South west England.  It was our last chance to make the move, so after many years of Immigration paperwork we sold our house and business in 2006 and embarked on our journey to Australia.  Our visa at this stage had not been issued so we decided to head to Thailand while it was being processed and nine months later we arrived in Brisbane.

Why 1300Clearout

Having spent many years in an office environment, Sisse and I wanted to provide a face to face service where we could be more active and enjoy the great Queensland climate firsthand. Having done some research, we could see there was an opportunity to establish a professional junk removal business.

There were several small operators as well as large international franchises offering this service and we wanted our business to be more about us and our high expectations when booking services.  Our aim was to provide a new level of professionalism to the market with brightly sign written trucks and polite uniformed drivers while maintaining reasonable up-front charges.  We want the company to be about us and reflect our ideals… helping residents and businesses within the area we service.

In 2009 we won the Business Excellence award for the best emerging business and in 2010 we provided our company information to the immigration department, shortly after becoming permanent residents and then proud Australian Citizens.  The areas we service has grown to include Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, and Ipswich.  Our children, Jessica and Harry, have from time to time helped out in the family business and are now pursuing their own careers in Health and Technology after completing university.

We are still actively involved in 1300Clearout.  Chances are you will probably meet Paul in person if you book our service as he drives one of the trucks and Sisse will be taking your calls and responding to emails from our office on the Gold Coast.  We love receiving feedback from our clients and nothing brings us more happiness than seeing the smiling faces as we leave with a truck load of rubbish.   


Good for the environment and your pocket

One of our proudest achievements is the chance to recycle many of the items we collect.  As part of company information, we publish the proportion of rubbish we recycle on a yearly basis.  Over the last seven years we have been able to increase the volume of rubbish recycled by 5% year on year and are currently running at about 40%.  Some of the ways we recycle include: Donating to charities, dropping off at various tip shops, metal recycling, cardboard, polystyrene, plastic and glass recyclers.  We have found many customers are keen for us to avoid their rubbish ending up in landfill and it not only makes for a healthier environment but also helps us to keep our charges down.


Brisbane Tip Vouchers

One final handy piece of information about us if you live in the Brisbane Service area is to let us have your Brisbane Waste Vouchers.  We will discount $3 for each voucher you give us so if you have just one voucher or one hundred, we will happily take the total off your final bill.

This article was in the SE Advertiser in 2007.

Company Information

On the job …  Paul and Sisse Newton with their crew

Driven to succeed

Paul Newton has a greater incentive than most to not only make his business work but to make at least $200,000 a year and employ several Australian workers.

If he doesn’t achieve this with 4 years the Department of Immigration will tell him to clear out, just like his business name 1300Clearout.

Newton, his wife Sisse and children Jessica 9, and Harry 8, came to the country on a business visa in November 2006.

The proviso for the businessman and his family to stay was to succeed at the business proposal he pitched to the immigration department.

Having operated businesses for 15 years in the UK, he believes it’s possible

“Were here because we love the country,” he said.  “It’s quite hard to get into Australia and unless you’re on the skills list they don’t want you”.

Newton’s idea for his business 1300Clearout came from a colleague who discovered something similar in the US.

It’s a professional rubbish removal service which takes all the effort out of it for the client.

Wearing uniforms, the rubbish removers turn up to your house or business and load the rubbish from wherever it is located onto one of their brightly colored trucks.

It saves people lugging out their own rubbish and they don’t need to fill the truck to employ the service.

“People appreciate their leisure time.  They don’t want to spend time going to the dump.” He said.