You may need to arrange a skip bin hire for several different reasons. While clearing your house is always the main priority, every type of house clearance is slightly different. From one-off bulky items such as old mattresses to entire houses, our services offer households, businesses, and real estate agents a hassle-free and cost-effective solution.

Today, we explain the main types of house clearance in Brisbane and why it makes sense to hire a skip for the job.


This is an obvious place to start. Many homeowners need a rubbish removal service when decluttering. One of the most popular services from 1300Clearout to help with this is their residential skip bins, because they offer the flexibility that others do not.  Unlike other rubbish removal services, the skip bins from 1300Clearout are all 7 cubic metres in size and you only pay by how much you fill. 

This is a great option as often it is difficult to know the size of bin required for the job. Hiring a 6 cubic metre bin and only filling it with 3 metres of rubbish is a waste of money. Similarly, hiring a 5 cubic metre bin when you find that you needed a 7 cubic metre is also frustrating. With 1300Clearout, the bins are conveniently marked 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 cubic metres up the side and if you only fill it to say, the 4 cubic metre level, then that is all you pay for. 

Moving To A New House

Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and the Gold Coast have become one of the most sought-after places to live in Australia. Our sub-tropical climate and relaxed lifestyle is creating a big influx of interstate families trying to escape the rat race. Presenting your house in its best state goes a long way to ensuring you receive the top-notch price for your place.

Using the services of 130Clearout residential skip bins is great for disposing of all your household junk. One of the great features about the skip bin hire from 1300Clearout is that the bins are on wheels. This means that it is possible to easily locate the bin under a carport or even in your garage, making the whole process more convenient and private. We have also found that having the ability to move the bin to a more private location on your property means that it is more difficult for other households in your street to fill your skip bin with their rubbish.

Deceased Estate Clearance

Deceased Estate clearance is often necessary when someone passes away and leaves property behind as an asset. Here, the deceased person’s home can be cleared of all belongings, with the items distributed in accordance with their Will. Once the valuable items have been moved to relatives and charities have taken any unwanted items that can be recycled, it will be necessary to dispose of all other items in the house.

1300Clearout are professionals in this area and can handle the complete clearance of the house, allowing you to focus on the more important things during such a difficult time. Whilst skip bins can be useful during this time, 1300Clearout also offer a full-service hands-on rubbish removal service that takes away all the stress and hassle when organising the removal of all house contents. With this service 1300Clearout will send in 10 cubic meter trucks with two strong men who will do all the loading. They will take the rubbish from any location, upstairs or down a lift, from a rear shed, or even a basement and load it onto one of their brightly sign written trucks in a professional and friendly manner.

You can see more details of this service here.

Green Waste Clearance

In our sub-tropical climate, it is especially important to stay on top of all the gardening jobs. Everything seems to grow at double speed, and it is quite normal for piles of green waste to accumulate during the year. 

1300Clearout have a green waste skip that is well designed to dispose of green waste. Not only is it possible to wheel the bin right up to the green waste pile but they also have doors on each end allowing you to conveniently load the bins without having to heave items over the side of the bin. Disposing of green waste with 1300Clearout is also considerably cheaper than household waste. Check out the Green waste skip bins prices here to see how you could save 30% when compared to removing household rubbish.

In conclusion, there are plenty of different types of house clearance options available. As well as the residential skip bins, 1300Clearout offer a variety of other services that may be a better option. If you would like to find the best service for your job, please check our web site here or call Sisse in the office 1300 253 276.