When deciding the best way to remove rubbish it is sensible to know all the options that are open to you before deciding how to move forward. When it comes to removing rubbish, all it takes is one Google search to find out that no two rubbish removal companies offer the same service.

Over the last fifteen years 1300Clearout has rolled out a variety of services based on our practical experience and the feedback received from our customers.  For your convenience, we have put together four real life case studies to best showcase the most appropriate services when choosing a rubbish removal service.

  • Craig was relocated by his employer to Victoria and was not able to head back to Fortitude Valley when his fully furnished rental property sold after being on the market for two days. His apartment was located on the second floor up two flights of stairs and the real estate agent needed everything out within 48 hours, or the deal was off!

The real estate agent contacted Sisse at 1300Clearout to see how we could help. We quickly decided the best option for Craig was to use our Full-Service rubbish removal. With this service we send two men and a ten cubic meter truck, and the rubbish is loaded from wherever it is located (even up two flights of stairs).

In Craig’s case, he had two queen beds, two lounges, coffee table, dining table and chairs and assorted kitchen equipment. The truck was loaded to ¾ capacity and so the total charge for this service was $449. Craig was able to pay over the phone by credit card and we are pleased to say the property was sold on schedule.

You can see details of this service here.

  • Sarah and Mike live in Logan and both have full time jobs. The house they live in has a large garden and while it is low maintenance, once a year it needs pruning and the large pile of palm fronds need to be removed. They do not have access to a Ute or trailer and are keen to keep costs to a minimum.

Sarah called our office and had a chat with Sisse in our customer service department. It was not exactly clear how much green waste they had and so it was decided that the best option was to use our skip bin hire in Logan.  The great feature with our skip hire is that you only pay by how much you fill the bin. All our skip bins are seven cubic meters in size and on the side of the bin it is clearly marked 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 cubic meters.   Sarah and Mike booked the bin for 7 days over a long weekend and ended up completely filling it to the 7 cubic meter level, making the total price $300.

You can see a full breakdown of skip bin hire prices by clicking here.

  • Aaron and Lisa were about to put their three-bedroom house in Carina up for sale and they needed to de-clutter for the real estate to take some photos. They had some larger furniture items and white goods as well as kids toys and odds and ends.

After chatting with Sisse it was decided that the best option was to use the load-and-go rubbish removal offered by 1300Clearout. Aaron and Lisa were happy spending a couple of weeks sorting through all their items and placing them in a pile under the carport. With the load-and-go service, 1300Clearout send one of their ten cubic meter trucks with one man to load. This service is $100 cheaper than the full-service option and is often the best choice when customers do not mind giving a hand with the heavier items like fridges or washing machines. In this case, Aaron and Lisa managed to fill half the truck making the total cost $249. 

You can see a full breakdown of the load-and-go rubbish removal prices here.

  • Susan was one of three sisters involved in managing the deceased estate of their late aunt who lived in Logan. It was a large 5-bedroom house filled with old furniture and quite a bit of clutter. They were worried that there may be some confidential items amongst the rubbish and wanted some time to go through it.

Susan and her sisters decided to take advantage of the combination-service offered by 1300Clearout. With this option, they were able to utilise our skip bin hire in Logan service, which was rolled into the garage so that they were able to go through personal items at their own pace.

A couple of weeks later we turned up with 2 ten cubic meter trucks and 4 men to load. By the end of the day, we had loaded five truck loads and the house was completely clear. Because of the large volume of rubbish, the total cost of this service was $2,950. 

You can see details of the combination service by clicking here.

We hope that by sharing these real-life case studies we have made you more aware of the variety of services offered by 1300Clearout Rubbish Removal. If you need to arrange a skip bin hire in Logan or clear out a deceased estate in Coorparoo for example (or anywhere in between), please call Sisse on 1300 253 276 for a quick chat or book online here and we will be in touch shortly.