Handling bulky items can be a tedious and potentially back breaking proposition. Not only is there a risk of injury to yourself but there is also a higher potential to damage walls and other furniture when trying to man handle items down narrow corridors and through doorways. For this reason, it is important to consider all the factors before arranging to hire a skip bin.

We have put together a few of the major considerations when handling bulky item disposal.

What are bulky items?

Generally speaking, a bulky item is one that cannot be managed on your own. Some examples could be:

  • Mattresses and bed bases
  • Household furniture like couches, TV cabinets, desks, outdoor furniture, and dining tables
  • Barbecues, lawn mowers and large green waste
  • Whitegoods and large metal appliances
  • Exercise and gym equipment
  • Pianos and pool or snooker tables

Location of the Bulky items

This is a critical factor in deciding the best rubbish removal service to employ for the job. It may well be possible for one person to handle a fridge or large cabinet if it is in the garage, but this will not be the case if it must be moved downstairs, along narrow corridors or from around the back of the house. Taking a piano downstairs is three times the job of just having to push it out the front door, even though both locations would require several people to move it.

When organising office rubbish removal this is even more relevant. Many offices only have stairs to access the front of the property which would normally mean at least two people are required to handle the lifting. In the case of moving bulky items in and out of elevators, the best way to avoid any potential damage is to always have more than one person doing the lifting.

Specialist moving equipment

In the case of cupboards and white goods, a good trolley is vitally important. As an added measure of safety it is also recommended that all bulky items are strapped to the trolley to avoid potential accidents and damage.  In the case of moving items downstairs it would be advisable to have a stair climbing trolley with a large carrying capacity. For specialist items like a piano, it would be necessary to have a piano trolley with a carrying capacity of at least 400 kilos. We would also always recommend that suitable gripping gloves, eye protection and steel toe cap boots be worn for personal safety.

Skip bin hire or hands-on rubbish removal

Skip bins can be handy if you have the space for them or if you need a week or so to complete the project.  Apart from these two reasons we would always recommend using the services of a specialist company when disposing of bulky items as they have the expertise and equipment to complete the job in the safest way.

It is also worth noting that a professional rubbish removal business will always have public liability insurance in the instance of damage to third party objects. This is particularly relevant in the case when organising office rubbish removal down a lift as any repairs can be very costly.

Your local rubbish remover

If you have bulky rubbish removal in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, or the Gold Coast 1300Clearout have a hands-on rubbish removal service that is the perfect solution. Often costing less than the price of a skip bin, they will send two experienced, uniformed crew in one of their ten cubic meter trucks.

They carry all the most up to date materials handling and safety equipment and they will remove almost anything in a prompt and responsible manner. Whilst some items like pianos and large photo-copiers (in the case of office rubbish removal) are individually priced, all other items have up-front prices shown on their website.

To give you an indication of charges, the following is their Full-Service Option.

Ten Cubic Meter Truck with two men to load:

To fill ¼ of a truck load $249

To fill ½ of a truck load $349

To fill ¾ of a truck load $449

For a full truck load $549

These prices include GST, transport and tipping fees.

If you’re still deciding on the best option for ways to dispose of bulky items, you can reach out to our friendly team and ask their expert advice. Get in touch with our office by calling 1300 253 276 or emailing sisse@1300clearout.com.au. We’re here to help.