From Redbank Plains to Grandchester, the City of Ipswich stretches across a large region southwest of the Brisbane metropolitan area and includes both urban and surrounding rural areas. The region is ever-expanding, with a current population of around 200,000 people and projected growth to 435,000 residents by 2031.

As the region continues to grow, the need for rubbish management increases with it. So what options do residents have for rubbish removal in Ipswich?

Options for rubbish removal in Ipswich

  • Council household general waste collection

Ipswich City Council provides households with a 240-litre mobile wheelie bin for general waste disposal and a 240-litre wheelie bin with a yellow lid for recyclable waste. There is also an optional green waste service that is available on request.

However, you’ll need to keep in mind that green waste wheelie bins only accept limited types and amounts of green waste. If you have a large amount of garden waste or heavy items, you won’t be able to put these in council bins.

As a general guide, green wheelie bins accept:

  • Prunings and grass clippings
  • Weeds
  • Leaves and loose bark
  • Animal manure
  • Raw and cooked fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Egg shells
  • Tea bags and coffee beans

But they don’t accept:

  • Kitchen waste containing meat and dairy
  • Stones, concrete or masonry
  • Large logs, branches and stumps that may make the bin too heavy to service

With over 100,000 households in Ipswich receiving scheduled waste collection each week, council workers have to ensure that their rubbish collection is as efficient and easy as possible.

If you have any of the items that they don’t accept or a large amount of green waste that won’t fit in your bin, you may want to consider a green waste skip bin. We’ll cover more on this further down.

  • Disposal at refuse and recycle centres

There are two main refuse centres in Ipswich for those who have the ability to transport and dispose of items themselves. There are fees and charges involved at refuse centres, with a minimum charge of $12. The two main centres are:

  • Riverview Recycling & Refuse Centre
  • Rosewood Recycling & Refuse Centre (Keep in mind the Rosewood facility only accepts domestic household waste. Commercial or business waste is not accepted.)

For more information on these facilities, take a look at the council page.

  • Kerbside collection

Like Brisbane, Ipswich City Council offers kerbside collection for the disposal of large household items and hard rubbish that cannot be disposed of in wheelie bins.

Unfortunately, the free kerbside collection has been on hold since 2019 and no dates have been set for the next collection service. This means that residents that have items for removal cannot easily dispose of them.

Instead of taking these items to refuse and recycling centres, which can be a lot of work and effort – particularly if you don’t have a trailer – there are much more convenient options available in Ipswich. The most convenient is a professional service.

  • Professional rubbish removal service

Rather than spending your weekend lugging your rubbish to a refuse centre, a professional can provide a hands-on approach to your rubbish removal. This means that you won’t need to lift a finger. They can pick up your items from where they are located on your property and load them into their specialty trucks. They will then dispose of the rubbish for you at the appropriate refuse or recycling centre.

This is the best option if your items are heavy or awkward to pick up, you’re short on time, you can’t be there for the collection or you don’t have room for a skip bin on your property. The best thing about a hands-on service is that you can organise it at the last minute.

The hands-on service is competitively priced and provides Ipswich residents with the easiest and quickest way of removing unwanted items and rubbish. You can see our hands-on service pricing here.

If you want to take your time to sort through rubbish or you’re on a tight budget, skip bins are another great option. You can hire the skip for up to a week, fill it at your own pace and only get charged for the volume of rubbish taken away at the end of the week.

There are different prices depending on the type of rubbish you are putting in the skip bin, with reduced pricing for green waste removal. For our skip bin hire prices, take a look here.

If you’re still deciding on the best option for rubbish removal in Ipswich, you can reach out to our friendly team and ask their expert advice. Get in touch with our office by calling 1300 253 276 or emailing We’re here to help.