Maintaining a garden or property is a constant process. There are always lawns to mow, hedges to trim, branches and palm fronds to remove, the list is endless. This kind of green waste can start to build up, particularly if you have a big clean-up job coming up or are landscaping your property. It can become a laborious task to transport and dispose of this green waste at a waste management facility, even more so if you don’t have a trailer or ute to transport it in.

So, how do you get rid of garden waste?

Many people seek better ways of green waste rubbish removal, one of which is a green waste skip bin.

Green waste skip bins

The easiest and most cost effective way to remove large amounts of green waste is by hiring a skip bin. Green waste skip bins are purpose-built and durable, with our skips able to take up to 900kg of household and green waste.

The best bit is that our skip bins are priced differently for green waste, with hire prices up to 40% cheaper than for regular household waste. Rather than paying a set price for our skip bin hire, we only charge you for the volume of green waste we take away.

Here’s a rundown of our skip bin prices for green waste rubbish removal:

3 cubic metres (max weight 500kg) – $185

4 cubic metres (max weight 600kg) – $215

5 cubic metres (max weight 700kg) – $245

6 cubic metres (max weight 800kg) – $275

7 cubic metres (max weight 900kg) – $300

When the bin is delivered to you, all you need to do is pay the minimum charge that covers you for up to 3 cubic metres. Then when the bin is collected, you settle the balance if you have filled up more than the 3m3 level mark.

Other options

Brisbane City Council has a green waste recycling service, which is a great way for homeowners to regularly recycle small amounts of green waste. However, the bins they provide don’t accommodate large amounts of green waste. Instead of having to gradually dispose of your green waste this way, a skip bin provides convenient and large disposal options.

In the Brisbane City Council bins, the green waste they accept is:

  • prunings from shrubs and trees
  • palm fronds
  • grass clippings
  • weeds
  • leaves and loose bark.

However, bear in mind that they do not accept:

  • kitchen waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps
  • animal droppings
  • recycling
  • general waste
  • large logs, branches and stumps which will make the bin difficult for the truck to lift.

1300Clearout rubbish removal options

At 1300Clearout, we have a range of rubbish removal services, from skip bins, hands-on rubbish removal and a combination service of the two.

Our skip bins are cost-effective and convenient – we bring the bin to you and you can load it up with your rubbish at your own leisure. You have up to 7 days to fill the skip, then we take it away for you and you only pay for how much rubbish you’ve filled up.

Our hands-on removal option takes out all the hard work for you. Our team of professionals collect, load, and remove all of your rubbish for you, without you having to lift a finger.

Our combination service takes advantage of both skip bins and hands-on collection. We can load our truck with all of your awkward or larger items and also leave one of our skip bins for you to load at your pace. This is particularly handy when you need time to sort through items.

With all of our services, we can remove everything from green waste, household waste, workplace rubbish, confidential and personal items, and hard rubbish.

What is hard rubbish?

Hard rubbish is anything that is too large or heavy to be disposed of in council wheelie bins. This includes white goods, furniture, mattresses, and gardening equipment.

Brisbane City Council normally offers kerbside collection every year for Brisbane residents. This allows residents to leave their unwanted items and hard rubbish on the curb for council workers to remove and dispose of for them. Unfortunately, this service has been postponed to July, 2022. This means there are a lot of households and businesses that have accumulated hard rubbish that they need to remove.

The cheapest and easiest way to organise hard rubbish removal is to hire a skip bin. Skip bins allow you to fill up a large skip with hard rubbish at your own pace. The skip is then removed by professionals and your rubbish is disposed of or recycled for you. It’s as easy as that.

We hope this article has given you some valuable information about green waste rubbish removal and your best options available. If you have any questions about our services or would like to book in your rubbish removal, you can book online or get in touch with our team.