Disposing of household items can be a daunting proposition at the best of times. Maybe you don’t have access to a trailer or Ute, or you may have a back issue that prevents you from lifting often heavy awkward items, or maybe you just don’t have the time. Deciding what can be recycled or re-used and what the most environmentally friendly method of disposal is suitable can also add to the stress of household rubbish removal.

Skip bins are one option that can be an appropriate solution. They can be delivered to the front of your property and left for 3, 7 or 14 days. There is also a large choice of sizes from 2 cubic metres right up to 15 cubic metres. Whilst skip bins have their place, they are not always the most suitable or economical solution when disposing of household items, for the following reasons:

● Some Skip Bins have an awkward shape and when you are disposing of large items like couches, fridges and tables, it is sometimes difficult to optimize the space available.

● Most skip bins do not have doors and require you to lift items up over the edge of the bin which can be strenuous with heavy items like washing machines and pianos.

● When hiring a skip bin, you must specify the size of bin you require. This can be a tricky proposition as it is often difficult to judge this, often resulting in either not optimizing the space you have or requiring another bin to be delivered to finish the job.

● Leaving a skip bin on your front lawn can be seen as an invitation for everyone else in the street using it for their rubbish removal. Waking up to a full bin on your front lawn on day 2 of the project can be disheartening to say the least.

● With items place randomly in a skip it is often more difficult to recycle or donate items as they are likely to become damaged before the recycling process is started.

Whilst the 1300clearout bins are well designed for household items we generally recommend only using bins for garden rubbish removal and leaving the household items for a hand-on rubbish removal service.

Find out more about 1300clearout skip bins and pricing guide here.

The benefits of hands on rubbish removal from 1300clearout

● As we can sort rubbish before loading, we are able to charge less than the cost of hiring a skip bin.

● We handle all the manual loading taking away the risk of injury.

● We only charge you for the volume of rubbish we take away, if you only fill half the truck then that is all you pay for.

● The prices we charge are upfront on our web site and include labor to load, GST, Transport and tipping costs.

● Our services are flexible depending upon the job. We can send just one man and a truck or a team of up to four people with multiple trucks for larger jobs.

How much is hands on household rubbish removal?

It can be difficult assessing exactly how much volume you will need. That’s why all of our trucks come as a standard ten cubic metres and you only have to pay by how much you fill them.

Take a look at our handy guide below see:

● ¼ truck load (2.5 cubic metres) – starting at $149

● ½ truck load (5cubic meteres) – starting at $249

● ¾ truck load (7.5 cubic metres) – starting at $349

● Full truck load (10 cubic metres – starting at $449

(When two men are required, we charge an additional $100 to these prices)

Find out more about our hands on rubbish removal here.

We also offer a combination service, which means using our hands on removal service while at the same time getting a skip bin delivered for you to fill at your own pace. There are many benefits to this option and several situation that we’ve found it to be most useful for customers. These include deceased estates, hoarding situations, a combination of waste required for removal, such as household and garden waste, and confidential or personal items.

For the combination service, the hands on and skip bin prices will be combined. You can find out more about this service here.

Why 1300 Clearout?

We have proudly been servicing households and businesses around South East Queensland for the past 14 years. Our team of professional and hardworking rubbish removalists aim to make your rubbish removal as easy for you as possible.

We hope our article has helped answer your questions about household rubbish removal. If you have any questions about our hands on rubbish removal service or any of our other services, you can contact our friendly team by calling 1300 253 276 or getting in touch here.