What We Offer

We have been servicing households and businesses with our rubbish removal service in South East Queensland for the last 14 years.  You will not be able to miss our brightly colored sign written trucks and friendly uniformed drivers as they turn up on time and with a smile on their face.  In 2009 we were proud winner of the Telstra Emerging Business Award and it always brings a smile to our face when we receive testimonials and feedback from our happy customers.  All our prices are shown on this web site along with a detailed explanation of the services we offer.  Click on the boxes below to see our full range of prices.

Hands on Rubbish Removal

(Better value than a skip)

10 cubic mtr truck

Only pay for what you use

Loading of the truck

Load and Go/Full Service



Skip Bin Hire

Up to 7 cubic mtrs

Only pay for what you use

Bins can be kept for 7 days



Combine Truck and Skip Bin Hire

We can load the truck with all
the awkward / larger items

Leave one of our skip bins for
7 days for you to sort through
personal items



Why pick us?

Most popular Junk and Rubbish Removal Service in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich
We are an efficent, professional and family based rubbish removal service. We offer a friendly service at cheap and compeitive prices. We take many types of rubbish including large furniture items (e.g. couches), appliances (e.g. fridges) and even pianos.
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We'll respond to your bookings as soon as you've made them. Feel free call our friendly staff if you have further inquiries.
We Recycle
As a rubbish removal company, we respect the environment and will try to recycle whatever we collect.
Rubbish Removal Service

What We Do

Watch us take your rubbish in no time!

We have tried to make our services easy to understand and that includes how we charge.  With all our services we charge by volume, ie the amount of space your rubbish takes up on the truck or in the bin.  You can see the breakdown of charges on our web site under “services”.  The only exception to this pricing method would be if your rubbish is excessively heavy which only normally occurs with builder’s waste that may contain bricks, concrete, or soil.

Skip Bin Hire

What we do / don't take away

Disposal and Recycling

You can be assured that we are responsible with the disposal of all your items.  In terms of recycling we donate to several charities as well as the various tip shops.  We would recommend using our Hands-on rubbish removal services in order to achieve the best results when recycling.   Some examples of recycle items include:

Matresses, Couches, Table and Chairs, Coffee Tables, Beds, White Goods, TV’s, metal, paint, oils, electrical items and green waste.

All other items are disposed of responsibly at council transfer stations.  Please advise the driver if you do not want items to be recycled.


  • Refrigerators
  • Piano’s ($275 per piano)
  • Appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • TV’s
  • Green Waste
  • Electronics
  • Deceased Estates
  • Household Rubbish
  • Office Rubbish
  • Paint (surcharge applies)


  • Asbestos
  • Flammable substances
  • Dangerous Chemicals

Special Offers & Discounts

Each year Brisbane City Council provide households with 10 Waste Vouchers.  These are made available to home owners and tenants in the Brisbane Council areas.  We are Happy to give a discount of $3 for each voucher which will be taken off the final price of your rubbish removal service.  Please let us know if you have more than one book of vouchers you wish to use as a discount.

Bunnings Gift Card

We are constantly looking for feedback from customers as this helps us to improve the service we provide.  Please let us know if you were happy with our service or you think there may be ways we could do better and as a reward for your time we will send you a return email including a $20 Bunnings Gift Card. (This is only available with our Hands-on Rubbish removal Services)


Hand On Rubbish Removal Service

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Paul at 1300clearout. What a gentleman. Nothing was too difficult for him and he did over a good 2 hours heavy work for us completely filling his truck. Very hard worker and lovely to chat to. I would highly recommend 1300clearout to anyone who needs a professional and…

Skip Bin Hire

Thank you for the amazing service once again. This is our third time using your company and your service remains first class. A competitive price and outstanding service, why would anyone go elsewhere. Thanks again

Combination Service

Paul was such a great worker and removed my rubbish in no time. Was incredibly polite and proffesional. I will be reccomending him to my friends and family.

About Us

About Us

Paul and Sisse Newton

1300Clearout was established in January, 2007, by Paul and Sisse Newton, to add some professionalism to the rubbish removal sector.

1300Clearout prides itself on its efficient booking processes, easy to understand pricing, clean trucks and uniformed, polite drivers

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A Little Bit More Information

1300Clearout’s rubbish removal services are flexible, and you can choose to be as involved in the process as you wish:

Our Load-and-go service is perfect if you have the time to place all the rubbish in one easily accessible place like the garage or driveway where our driver can swing by and load it onto the truck.   It is the best option if you are on a tight budget as it is often cheaper than skip bin hire.

Our Full-Service option is perfect if you do not want to do any of the work.  Our crew will do all the lifting and take the rubbish from wherever it is located and load it on the truck.  This service is great for customers who are not able to manage the lifting or when you are unable to be there in person.

Our Combination Service is when we leave one of our handy skip bins for a week for you to sort through personal items and at the same time, we load the larger unwanted items onto one of our trucks.  We have found this service useful for deceased estates or when downsizing to a smaller property.

Our skip bins are designed to take household and green waste.  The majority of customers use our bins for green waste jobs as it is often cheaper to use the load-and-go service in place of the bins when loading household rubbish.  Our bins have double stable doors at each end for ease of loading and are on rollers which allows them to be located under car ports or even in the garage.

We are also able to remove and dispose of pianos and other heavy items, although we tend to price these separately depending upon where they are situated within the property.  Please call our friendly staff for a quote.

At 1300 Clearout, we specialise in rubbish removal in Brisbane and offer a convenient and cheaper alternative to skip hire in Brisbane. Our comprehensive rubbish removal service in Brisbane is ideal for heavy furniture disposal in Brisbane and even piano disposal in Brisbane! Our service is available to individuals along with businesses, and as we have been in operation for 15 years, we know precisely what you need and have evolved our service to meet the demands of our clients in the 2020s.

Although we cover all of Brisbane, we are frequently asked which areas we visit. Indeed, we offer rubbish removal in Brisbane Southside, rubbish removal in Logan, rubbish removal in Ipswich, rubbish removal on the Gold Coast and rubbish removal in Redlands. However, if you live outside of these areas, we can usually accommodate you. We do everything we can to try and help all our new and existing clients, and you will find our team friendly and helpful. All our trucks are easy to identify, and our drivers will all be wearing a uniform and carrying ID to give you that added peace of mind.

Although we are often asked if you will “take my furniture away Brisbane”, we provide a much more extensive service that includes household rubbish removal in Brisbane, green waste removal and commercial rubbish removal in Brisbane. We frequently complete a house clearance in Brisbane, which we are happy to do and do so tactfully and respectfully. We also offer a deceased estate rubbish removal in Brisbane service and will, of course, be compassionate and come at a time that is convenient for you.

We appreciate that you could use another rubbish removal service in Brisbane, but we genuinely believe that we offer the most complete service thanks to our experience and customer focus. Our rubbish removal in Brisbane is well organised and efficient while also being far better value than a skip, especially when it comes to household rubbish removal in Brisbane or green waste removal in Brisbane.

Unlike many other waste disposal companies in Brisbane, our teams will help you remove some items from your home. This is particularly useful when it comes to heavy furniture disposal in Brisbane and house clearance in Brisbane. Our service is incredibly well respected, and several undertakers recommend our services for deceased estate rubbish removal in Brisbane. We also understand that commercial rubbish removal in Brisbane can be difficult for some businesses, so this is a valuable service we are delighted to offer to our clients.

Many of us are left with the dilemma and wondering, “who will take my furniture away in Brisbane?” Fortunately, at 1300 Clearout, we offer a rubbish removal service in Brisbane, which includes heavy furniture removal in Brisbane as well as tactfully handling deceased estate rubbish removal in Brisbane. We provide rubbish removal in the Brisbane area but primarily focus on rubbish removal in Brisbane Southside, rubbish removal in Logan, rubbish removal in Ipswich, rubbish removal in Redlands and even rubbish removal on the Gold Coast.

We find that one of the most common questions we are asked is, “what type of rubbish do you take away?” We are proud that we offer all our customers an all-encompassing service covering household rubbish removal in Brisbane, commercial rubbish removal in Brisbane, house clearance in Brisbane, green waste removal in Brisbane and service offered by few other companies, piano disposal in Brisbane. We have extensive experience with waste disposal in Brisbane and are, of course, fully licensed and insured. We constantly endeavour to come at a time that suits you and are known to be extremely flexible.

Our team is well trained, understands the complexities of some waste removal in Brisbane, and is fully au fait with state laws. Our waste disposal trucks are well maintained, meaning that you won’t be subjected to any excessive unpleasant odours. All of our crews are polite and courteous and will do everything possible to assist you, especially regarding heavy furniture disposal in Brisbane and deceased estate rubbish removal in Brisbane. 

1300Clearout rubbish removal service located in Brisbane is not just a family run business, but a business that is run on solid family values too. With an emphasis on friendly professionalism, punctuality and no hidden charges, 1300Clearout has quickly gained a reputation as the favourite household and commercial rubbish removal service covering areas around the Gold Coast, Brisbane Southside, Redland and Logan City.

Our flexible approach to taking away your unwanted rubbish keeps costs down for you and offers the opportunity to select from our range of services. We are just as happy to provide you with a skip so that you can sort through your items for disposal at your leisure, or if you prefer, we can provide a ‘hands on’ service where our crews will come and remove items from wherever they are located on your premises. As another alternative you can choose a combination of these services which allows you time to decide what you want to keep or dispose of – and then provides a helping hand for larger items when your rubbish is ready for collection.

Nothing is too much trouble for us at 1300Clearout and no job is too big or too small. We can take care of heavy furniture disposal – including pianos, and white or electrical goods, green waste removal and can even take care of deceased estates rubbish removal anywhere around Brisbane.

When you are thinking ‘’ take my furniture away’’ look no further than 1300Clearout for the ultimate home clearance service in Brisbane.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you would like more information about rubbish removal in Brisbane Southside, rubbish removal in Logan, rubbish removal in Ipswich, rubbish removal on the Gold Coast, and rubbish removal in Redlands. Perhaps you require piano disposal or just someone to “take my furniture away in Brisbane”, whatever you need, we can be on hand to assist you. You can call us 1300 253 276, email us at sisse@1300clearout.com.au or contact us directly via our website.